Ammae Tasty Cereal Mix (16 Multigrain Porridge Powder), 200g

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Specifications of (Ammae Tasty Cereal Mix (16 Multigrain Porridge Powder), 200g)


Sri Kalyani Trading Company, a partnership company incorporated in the year 2003, tenure of 10 years of service with dedication and commitment has become a key word of determination in branding our services of quality and time.


Ammae Tasty Cereal Mix is a multigrain porridge powder with a unique combination of 16 different grains. It contains needed essential nutrients and various trace elements. Many of the ingredients are processed traditionally to enrich the natural nutrients contained in it. Whole grain ingredients are retained as such for the purpose of fibre content. This is one of the well-known food of traditional South India called as "sattu maavu" which is prepared at home at their convenience. 

1. Pour a glass (200ml) of plain water in a container. 2. Add 3 teaspoons of Ammae Tasty Cereal Mix to the same. 3. Mix the powder thoroughly without any lumps until it gets dissolved. 4. Place the container with the mix in a stove and keep the fire in low mode. 5. Stir the mix continuously to avoid sticking to the pan. 6. Cook it for 3 to 5 minutes until it gets thick. 7. Porridge is ready and flavouring is our choice. 


SWEET PORRIDGE PREPARATION : Add half glass of milk to the porridge and add needed sugar to consume sweet. This is a recommended way for children and youngsters to consume who required nutritious and healthy food.

SPICY PORRIDGE PREPARATION : Take a cup of curd and beat it uniformly to prepare a glass of buttermilk. Mix this thoroughly with the porridge and add salt for taste. Add asafoetida and coriander leaves for enriching the porridge. Sugar watchers and aged people prefer to have porridge with salt.

DELICIOUS PAYASAM : Add 100 grams of jaggery and half glass of milk allow it to boil for few more minutes. Garnish with roasted cashew and dry grapes with little elaichi powder. Delicious payasam is ready in minutes.


  • Unique combinations of 16 grains including oats.
  • Keeps you satiety for a longer duration of time.
  • Contains needed essential nutrition.
  • Rich in fibre and carbohydrates.
  • Contains no preservatives and chemicals with No added sugar.
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