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Green Tea

Green tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet. Its loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body, including improved brain function, fat loss, a lower risk of cancer and many other incredible benefits. Take distribution/dealership rights of this product for your area and start a profitable venture

Sturdy Padlocks, Door Locks, Night Latch, Side Shutter, Multipurpose Locks

Renowned Indian locks manufacturer since 1955 brings wide array of locks at extremely competitive price. Demand for locks and safety devices exist at every locality, bringing an opportunity to become a distributor/dealer of this popular product.

Snacks, Namkeen

Tasty, delicious namkeen such as Aloo bhujiya, Indori Chatpata, Khatta Meetha, Gujarati Mixture are now available for wholesale distribution. Manufactured by well known namkeen manufacturer from Indore who has been in this field for decades, these popular and fast selling snacks are made of gram flour, beaten rice, peanuts, edible oil, sugar, curry leaves, salt, spices and condiments. Very profitable and promising product for any entrepreneur.

Ladies Dress Materials

Ladies dress materials in attractive designs and prints (semi stitched) at very competitive price from creative design studio. Soft cotton fabric - top, bottom and dupatta - can be stitched as per special requirement. There is a great demand for such attractive cotton prints and designs - specially during festival times. Buy in quantity of your choice - start selling in your neighborhood, be a dealer/distributor eventually.

Disposable Paper Cups

Disposable paper cups have become integral part of our life. Catering services, beverage suppliers, offices, restaurants, cafes, parties - everywhere such disposable cups can be seen. Be a supplier of disposable cups - made of good quality food grade paper and food grade ink. Available in attractive, multi-colour prints, the manufacturer even offers disposable cups in custom print. Buy in wholesale from BazarA2Z, sell in your neighborhood or supply to corporates, cafes, parties and make good margin. Show good result and we shall help you become distributor/dealer in your area.

Bollywood Style Fashion Saree

Elegant Bollywood style fashion sarees from Bay and Blue, who are well known for exquisite handwork, golden & antique seap work and smooth fabric. A pack normally contains saree (5.5 meter) with blouse (.80 meter). Huge varieties available for weddings, anniversary, parties and other celebrations.

Biodegradable Areca and Palm Dinnerware

Today 's health conscious society is looking for eco-friendly, convenient products that do not pose any threat to environment and free from hazardous materials. Elegant disposable plates, spoons, bowls etc. made from Areca and Palm are particularly in demand for parties, picnics, outdoor catering, offices etc. 100% biodegradable, hygienic, free from chemicals, extremely lightweight but robust - the disposable dinnerware can be used as compost to enhance soil fertility or even animal fodder after usage.

Home Made Dark Chocolates

Home made, 100% hygienic, dark chocolates are favorites of children. Men and women from all ages are fond of dark chocolates. Used as gifts as well as for consumption in birthday parties, weddings, celebrations etc. - home made chocolates are in great demand. Not available easily - it could be a great distribution opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for new opportunities.

Biodegradable, disposable plates and bowls

Elegant, disposable dinnerware made of biodegradable materials (Areca leaves), tough and sturdy - these can be used in parties, restaurants, cafes, hotels and other eateries. Easily disposable as made of biodegradable materials - no headache of garbage disposal, can even be converted to organic fertiliser/ animal fodder. Export quality, Eco-friendly, 100% natural - No chemical used for manufacturing.

Plastic Packaging - Food and Pharma Grade Packaging Disposable

Plastic packaging, specially food and pharma grade packaging products such as bags, pouches, bottles, containers, food tray, food thali, disposable plastic glass, ice-cream cups etc. are in great demand by factories, eateries, catering companies, offices, cafes and many other such places. We bring you distribution opportunity for plastic disposable products from leading manufacturer.

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  • Start your entrepreneurial journey by becoming a distributor / dealer / retailer / agent of quality products in your neighborhood.
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  • BazarA2Z helps you in sourcing quality products at wholesale rate from manufacturers.
  • Excellent opportunity awaits you for making good profit by selling high demand products at prices much lower than your neighborhood retailer.
  • In fact, existing retailers cannot match your price as you are sourcing directly from manufacturers.
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