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Ready-To-Eat Healthy Breakfast Options

Food habits are fast changing across India. Fast paced life today demands ready to eat food. Increasing health consciousness demands healthy food. New breakfast options like Muesli, oats, corn, fruits and nut mixes etc. are fast becoming popular in urban as well as rural areas. Very convenient also - require just water or milk (hot or cold) to be ready to eat inside a minute. Many people these days carry such healthy foods for rail travel, low cost air, quick meal in office or even for school going kids. Become a distributor/dealer for such new age products in your area and quickly grab market share. Coming straight from manufacturer, you get low wholesale rates.

American Diamond Studded Costume Jewellery

Beautiful brass, copper, cubic zirconia, gold plated costume jewellery with American diamond - ear rings, bangles, rings etc. Mix of ethnic and party wears.

Disposable Plates, Bowls, Cups etc.

Disposable plates, cups, bowls, napkins are fast moving consumer products, regularly purchased by catering services, hotels, retailers, food services companies, party consumable suppliers and even households. There is a good demand for quality disposable products at reasonable rate. Trusted disposable plates manufacturer from Faridabad brings this wonderful opportunity for you.

Mobile Accessories ‐ Back Cover, Selfie Stick etc.

In this age of mobiles and smartphones there is an ever rising demand for quality mobile accessories at reasonable rate. Beautiful back covers of all standard smartphones, selfie stick etc. are now available directly from importer at very low wholesale price. Buy a lot and start marketing at your neighborhood or simply supply to mobile accessory retailers in your area.


Buy Rakhee at wholesale rate - Raksha Bandhan is just a few days ahead (Aug 29) - demand for rakhees is sure to shoot up in next few days ! This is the time to buy rakhee at low wholesale rate and make a cool profit ! Krishna Retail from Delhi has made available excellent rakhee at very competitive price - take a look !

Healthy Food and Supplements

Anti-diabetic multi-grain food and health supplements have good demand but difficult to source. Genius Nature Herbs have brought such difficult to source health products such as Moringa, Fenugreek, Turmeric, Noni and Multigrain products such as dosa, pongal, khichdi etc. Become a distributor/dealer for such hard to find products in your area, earn good margin.

Orthopedic Equipments for Knee, Ankle, Arm etc.

Here 's an excellent opportunity for distributing scientifically designed orthopedic equipments from a leader of such products in India. On offer are wide range of difficult to source orthopedic equipments required by elderly, post surgery patients, sports medicine and other health ailments. Elastic knee, air ankle, medical compression stockings, Lymphodema Armsleeves etc. are some of the popular products.

Herbal and Natural Care Products

Health conscious consumers are increasingly looking for herbal and nature cure products such as neem, trifla, jamun churna, Khadi cosmetics etc. Kangra Hill Care and Cure Products have brought an array of herbal and natural products at low wholesale rate. Become a distributor/dealer for such products in your area, earn good margin.

Grocery Products

Every locality has grocery stores that require constant supply of common food and FMCG products. Nine S Products, a bulk manufacturer of grocery products, is offering at low wholesale price quality products such as ready to cook food like macroni, pasta, green tea etc. ; spices like turmeric, red chilly, coriander powders; masala powders like garam masala, pav bhaji masala, chat masala, biriyani masala etc. Golden opportunity to become a dealer/distributor for these products in your area.

Computer and Laptop Accessories

In this age of computer and smartphones - there is an ever-growing demand for computer parts and consumables, laptop accessories, smartphone accessories etc. Start your business by sourcing products at low wholesale rate from BazarA2Z and eventually become a distributor/dealer of its merchant Access Computer Services - from Nehru Place market in New Delhi, perhaps the largest computer product market in India.

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