Frequently Asked Questions

What is BazarA2Z ?

BazarA2Z is a Business to Business (B2B), E-Commerce marketplace offering products at lowest rates for wholesale buyers. Its able to offer lowest rates as transaction cost is minimal because of elimination/minimization of distribution layers and related costs. See Success Stories

Why BazarA2Z ?
  • Traditional Multi-Layered Distribution Channel Poses a Challenge for Small Businesses in Both Selling and Sourcing.
  • Middlemen Add Up Significant Transaction Cost and Time - Affecting Both Manufacturer and Retailer/Small Trader.
  • A study of Indian Food Business by McKinsey and CII (Source : FAIDA) found upto 9 layers of distribution between farmer and consumer.
  • Each of these layers add transaction cost and time - inflating selling price.
  • In a study of Indian food chain (source: Reuters) - it was found that total margin of middlemen in the entire chain adds up to an astonishing 75 percent whereas the figure is around 20 percent for countries with better integrated food suply chain.
  • BazarA2Z aims to cut transaction cost by minimizing/eliminating distribution layers - making it a win-win situation for seller, buyer and eventually consumers.
  • Besides, BazarA2Z being an online service offers a wide choice from Pan-Indian market. Buyer and seller are no longer restricted to local market.
  • More Information at : Why BazarA2Z
How Does BazarA2Z Work ?
Wholesale Bazaar in Online Space !
  • BazarA2Z strives to offer its users a wholesale Bazaar experience in online space by minimizing / eliminating distribution layers between manufacturer and retailer as much as possible - leading to direct transaction and consequently higher efficiency in b2b trade and better margins for both buyer and seller.
  • It offers huge value addition over traditional distribution through marketplace safety, efficient logistics and fulfilment, pan-India reach, wide choice of products and prices etc.
  • Online access to pan-Indian and global marketplace for small and medium enterprises opens up immense possibilities.
  • More Information at How BazarA2Z Works
What Way BazarA2Z is Different from Other E-Commerce Marketplaces ?
  • There are many differences and similarities between B2C (Business-to-Consumer) and B2B (Business-to-Business) E-Commerce marketplaces
  • Biggest difference between the two being nature of customer. In B2C, consumer is the customer who buys products for self consumption. In B2B variety, customer is another business who buys for re-sale. This fundamental difference separates working of B2B from B2C significantly.  BazarA2Z is the first Indian B2B E-Commerce Marketplace
  • Unlike B2C - products are bought and sold in lots in B2B marketplace. A lot or minimum order quantity is the minimum value of order that merchants set.
  • If merchant sets lot size as single unit - then products can be sold in both retail as well as wholesale. In that way - BazarA2Z is a B2B E-Commerce marketplace that allows B2C sell also.
  • Automatic discounting - every product has a discount structure where price automatically falls with larger orders
  • Bargain facility where buyer may not accept seller price and opt for negotiation for working out a mutually acceptable price.
  • Online communication - audio/video/text chat for quick interaction between buyer/seller
  • Credit facility available for buyers and sellers
  • Faster and inexpensive distribution - manufacturers / importers quickly set-up distribution channels across India.
  • Active sales support - targeting retailers / dealers across India
  • Unlike B2C - repeat purchase is very high in B2B. Transactions in B2B marketplace is not driven by desire or impulse - but hard business needs. A retailer has to stock up products and places repeat orders.
  • In association with our sister portals - and - BazarA2Z has already shown the way how B2B E-Commerce market will emerge.
Is B2B E-Commerce a Novel Idea ?
Far from it - B2B E-Commerce is a tested and proven way of doing business around the world
  • BazarA2Z may be the first Indian B2B E-Commerce marketplace - but the concept of b2b e-commerce has taken root in many countries
  • Alibaba, DhGate and other portals from China have been offering b2b wholesale e-commerce services for last several years
  • Amazonsupply from Amazon was a leader of b2b transactions in the USA.
  • There are many examples of successful b2b e-commerce models from other countries
  • In India - the market for b2b transaction is huge - 13 million retailers, $500 billion retail market, $300 billion wholesale market that is set to grow to $700 billion by 2020 - all point out to emergence of next wave of e-commerce in b2b avtar
How Does it Help Me ?
How BazaarA2z Helps My Business ?
  • BazarA2Z is a risk-free way of ordering and receiving quality products at wholesale rate while sellers find a simple and inexpensive online system that takes care of product distribution without getting into the complexities involved in b2b e-commerce transactions. BazarA2Z is the smart way of doing business in digital era where you can make more money from the comfort of your home.
  • If you are looking to source quality products at wholesale rate  - look no further. BazarA2Z aims to help retailers, B2C e-commerce portals and small businesses to connect with manufacturers/importers willing to sell at wholesale rate. No more traveling to wholesale markets - source everything required for your small businesses from home at most competitive rates
  • If you are looking to sell your products - join as Merchant, create your online store, offer your products to bulk buyers and in the process create distribution channel across India that will have lasting value for your business. You will find essential features of a wholesale market such as automatic discount on volume purchase, free interaction, transparency in negotiation etc in BazarA2Z  Most important - you do all these without investing in sales and distribution !
  • BazarA2Z helps you get business credits - hassle free, co-lateral free, short-term business loans
  • BazarA2Z is FREE - there is no fee for registering, listing or promotion. Merchants pay a selling fee on successful transactions. Join today and start reaping the benefits of online wholesale market from the convenience of your home
  • More Information at Why BazarA2Z ?
Is it Free ?
Is BazarA2Z FREE ?
  • Yes - BazarA2Z is free for buyers and merchants at present
  • There is no fee for registration, listing, promotion etc. Merchants pay a flat selling fee on successful transactions
  • The selling fee is far far lower than distribution cost in traditional, offline market
  • The fee includes logistics cost, bank charges, COD cost, Payment Gateway charge etc.
  • Join BazarA2Z today and create your online wholesale store. Build distribution channels across India. Sell your products in wholesale to entrepreneurs related to distribution trade across India. No need to invest in expensive e-commerce website - start your online wholesale store today free.
Buyer Seller Direct Contact
I am a Seller - Can I Contact Buyers Directly ?
  • Short answer: Yes - As much as you like
  • Explanation Buyers can send you enquiry. You will be able to negitiate price and other terms through a bargain window. All enquiries and other communications are sent through e-mail as well as stored in your Merchant Panel. You can also engage buyer through audio/video/text chat
  • You are free to contact buyer directly and conduct subsequent transactions directly without BazaarA2z. On the other hand, if you wish to continue using BazaarA2z platform - we shall be delighted to help you achieve more.
  • Any buyer can contact any seller directly and transact with or without BazaarA2z.
  • This is exactly what BazaarA2z wants - initiate transaction between two parties and develop mutual trust. Long term business relationship develops on mutual trust, leading to repeat trade.
I am a Buyer - How Can I Trust Seller ?
  • BazaarA2z offers Buyer Protection Program that ensures hassle free, safe transaction. Payments made by Buyer is held by BazarA2Z till Merchant delivers ordered products and Buyer approves it. Please check Refund-Cancellation Policy and Merchant Agreement.
  • BazarA2Z offers fulfilment service through its Logistics Partner that ensures timely delivery. Our Logistics Partner is a market leader in fulfilment service, has delivered millions of shipments
  • BazarA2Z helps buyers with as much information on seller as possible - such as reviews, ratings, history of past transactions etc. Besides, buyer and seller are free to negotiate price, payment options, shipping terms, quality guarantee etc. through direct mutual negotiation. BazarA2Z does not impose any condition - nor does it become part of mutually agreed terms and conditions between buyer and seller.
How to Join
Simple Joining Process
  • Please click at My Account link at top right hand corner of any page
  • Register yourself as buyer - its FREE, takes couple of minutes
  • Please spend some time going through FAQ/HELP section after registration
  • FaceBook and Gmail log-in also available
Unique Services - Not Available in any other B2B E-Commerce Marketplace
  • Wholesale rates - directly offered by manufacturers / importers
  • Buy/Sell both Wholesale and Retail
  • Bargain facility - buyers may negotiate price
  • Products are sold in lots (Minimum Order Quantity). Merchants decide lot size
  • Automatic discount - price falls as volume increases
  • Business loans through alliance partner
  • Free Services - No Registration Fee - No Listing Fee
  • Merchants pay a flat selling fee for successful transaction
Safe Environment - Buyer Protection Program
  • Every Buyer is protected through Buyer Protection Program
  • Your Payment is Safe - Buyers pay to BazarA2Z, who pays to merchants after successful delivery
  • Logistics Partner assures timely delivery - In most cases, merchants hand over ordered products to our Logistics Partner who takes the responsibility of timely delivery.
  • Online Order Tracking - Buyers can track order and delivery progress online
  • Dealership Facility - Repeat buyers (e.g. retailers) may become distribution channel partner of desirous merchants
  • Delivery within India only - at present
Multiple Payment Options
  • Pay Online or Offline - Multiple choices available
  • Debit Card / Credit Card / NetBanking / Cash Cards as Online Options
  • NEFT / RTGS / Fund Transfer / Cheque Deposit in our Bank account
  • COD, DOD facility available for select products
How it Works
Select Products and Add to Cart
  • Visit BazarA2z, view products under various categories, select products you wish to buy.
  • For placing order, you need to join BazarA2z as registered member. Registration is free and takes a few minutes. You may use your Gmail/FaceBook account to register.
  • BazarA2z being a wholesale marketplace - products are sold in 'lots'. A lot may be defined as minimum order quantity.
  • As in wholesale market, price of a product decreases with increasing volume. In other words, more you order, less will be its price.
  • You will find information on lot size (i.e. number of products per lot), lot-wise price list and price per piece across against every product
  • Decide on number of lots you wish to buy and enter the number
  • Add the product in shopping cart by clicking 'Add to Cart' button
  • Cart window at top right hand corner displays number of items in the cart
Browse and Place Order
  • Keep adding products in shopping cart. Once you are through with product selection, click at shopping cart icon at top right hand corner
  • The cart displays all products you have selected so far. If necessary, further update your product list by deleting or changing quantity. The shopping cart re-calculates price and displays against each product.
  • Click on 'Place Order' button
  • At this point - the system will prompt you to log-in, in case you are not yet logged in
  • Enter shipping infomation and confirm the order
  • You can pay online through Debit/Credit Card, NetBanking, Cash Card etc. or offline through NEFT, deposit cash/cheque in your nearest branch of HDFC or ICICI bank.
  • Your payment will remain with BazarA2Z till seller delivers ordered product and buyer approves it.
  • An order will be placed on concerned seller
  • You will receive an e-mail message about this order. All communications are sent through e-mail as well as stored in your account. To check your account, please click at My Account link at top right hand corner of every page and log-in to your account.
In Case You Opt for Bargaining
  • If you accept Seller's Price (i.e. do not bargain) - Pay Online or offline.
  • In case you do not accept seller's price - you may initiate bargaining by clicking the radio button. A window for bargain price appears. Enter your price for the product(s) and add your comments for seller.
  • Payment option is not available when bargain option is used. Your Order will need seller's acceptance.
  • Seller will get your buy offer through e-mail as well as stored message in Merchant Panel.
  • If the seller accepts your payment and other terms and conditions - you will receive an e-mail informing you about seller's acceptance. The email will have a payment link. Use the payment link to pay online or offline.  An order will be generated and sent to seller.
  • In case seller does not accept your bargain price or any other terms and conditions, he/she may send back the order to buyer with his/her revised price and comments
  • Buyer may accept seller's terms or again send it back to seller with new price/terms.
  • The process continues till buyer and seller both accept mutually agreed terms and conditions. 
  • On successful completion of buyer-seller interaction when both and buyer and seller agree - you will receive an e-mail informing you about seller's acceptance. The email will have a payment link. Use the payment link to pay online or offline.  An order will be generated and sent to invoice will be generated and sent to buyer with payment instructions
  • All communications are sent through e-mail as well as stored in your Buyer Panel.
Payment and Shipment
  • Payment may be made Online or Offline - a host of options available
  • Buyer pays to BazarA2Z, who holds it back till successful delivery. Merchants get paid after buyer receives ordered products on time and approves it.
  • In most cases, delivery is done through BazarA2Z Logistics Partner. In such cases, Merchant hands over ordered product to BazarA2Z Logistics Partner. The Logistics Partner then delivers the product to buyer using its own network.
  • Buyer may track order and delivery progress online
  • In case merchant uses its own delivery system - he/she will feed shipping ref (AWB number) in shipping module so that buyer can track online.
  • In case delivered product does not match ordered specification or of low quality, you may opt for return. In such cases, Logistics Partner collects the product from buyer and delivers to concerned Merchant using reverse logistics.
Pay Online or Offline
  • All payments are made to Ace InfoBanc Pvt Ltd, parent company of
  • BazarA2Z pays merchants after successful delivery of ordered products. Please see Buyer Protection Program
  • In case merchant fails to deliver - BazarA2Z refunds whole amount to Buyer
  • If buyer pays merchants directly - buyer will not be covered under Buyer Protection Program and consequently BazarA2Z will not be responsible for merchant\'s conduct, product quality, delivery or any such issue. In case of direct payment to merchant, it will be total responsibility of concerned buyer.
  • You may pay through online or offline options.
  • Debit/Credit Card, NetBanking, Cash Card, NEFT, RTGS, Fund Transfer, Deposit money in bank account are some of the payment options
  • COD / DOD facility may be available in select products
  • Your payment will remain with BazarA2Z till Merchant delivers the product 
How to Track Order
On-Line Order Tracking
  • From the time you place order and pay - track the progress online by log-in to your Buyer Panel. Simply click at Sign-In link at top of any page to log-in to your account.
  • In case merchant uses his/her own shipment process, concerned shipping ref number (e.g. AWB number) will be fed into shipping module by merchant. Both buyer and merchant will be able to track delivery using concerned courier company's website
  • Communication between seller and buyer are stored in Buyer panel.
  • On placing order - merchant gets notified immediately
  • Seller's responses are sent to buyer through e-mail and a copy of each communication gets stored at Buyer panel.
  • Buyer responses are also sent to seller through e-mail as well as stored in Merchant Panel.
  • One can track status of any order anytime by log-in to Buyer panel.
Transparent Process
Buying from BazarA2z is like Buying from Neighbourhood Store
  • BazarA2z ensures sourcing at wholesale rate through an open and transparent process
  • All communications are direct between buyer and seller - no middleman involved
  • BazarA2Z makes available as much information about seller as possible - profile, transaction history, reviews etc. for greater transparency. We encourage buyers to place their own reviews/comments after every purchase.
Transparent Process Keeps You Informed All The Time
  • BazarA2z system is designed in such a way that ordering, negotiation, invoicing, payments etc. are transparent to both buyer and seller all the time
  • From the time you place order to the time you approve an order - BazarA2z captures every move and makes order status transparent to everyone
  • There's no surprise - no last minute re-schedule
All Processes are Time Bound
  • There is time limit for every process - no uncertainty on delivery
  • Deliverty schedules are well-known - plan your sourcing and distribution process well ahead
  • Contact seller whenever necessary - all commnications are directly between buyer and seller
  • Feel free to contact us whenever you need help/assistance
You Are Free to Transact Through BazarA2z or Directly with Seller
  • BazarA2z does not impose any restriction on buyers and sellers to deal through BazarA2z only
  • You are free to contact sellers and transact directly at your own risk and responsibility.
How to Join
Merchant Joining Process
  • Sellers from India are welcome to join BazarA2z and create online store for wholesale and retail transactions. Such sellers are also called Merchants.
  • To register as Merchant - click at Merchant link at top of any page. You will be presented a log-in window. Look at bottom of the log-in window and click at New Merchant ? Join Free Now link. If you are a free or paid member of any of our sister portals (, etc.) - no need to register again. Simply log-in with your user-id/password and system will automatically detect and guide you to a shorter registration form.
  • Please fill up registration form. Please fill all columns.lYour application will be sent to moderator
  • Moderator approves within 24 hours
  • On receiving moderator approval - log-in to Merchant Area by clicking Merchant link at top of any page and create your online wholesale store
  • Registration and store creation is free - you need not pay any kind of fee
  • Our support staff will help you create store (wherever necessary) and promote your products. All these services are free.
  • Merchants pay a flat selling fee to BazarA2Z for every successful transaction
  • You will find step-by-step information on how to create your online store in few simple steps
  • Please spend some time going through Help section. If you need help for store creation, please feel free to contact support desk
Free Services
  • BazarA2z services are free
  • No Registration Fee - No listing fee
  • Merchants pay a selling fee on successful transactions
  • Paid members of gets premium service and active help in store creation
Why Should I Join ?
Catalysing A Transaction - How BazarA2z Works
  • Focus of BazarA2Z is to act as catalyst between buyer and seller and initiate a transaction
  • Unlike Business-To-Consumer (B2C) segment where transactions are driven by impulse or consumer behaviour - Business-To-Business (B2B) transactions are usually result of careful research and planning. While first transaction in B2C is comparatively easy but later transactions rare or erratic - first transaction in B2B is difficult but repeat transactions are easy.
  • Its our experience that first transaction in a B2B deal is the most difficult hurdle to overcome in B2B E-Commerce
  • Once the first transaction goes through - buyer and seller feel more comfortable and are likely to make repeat trade.
Building Trust - Weaving Your way to Success
  • Lack of mutual trust is the biggest hurdle when buyer and seller meet over Internet and decide to transact for the first time
  • Faceless, anonymous world of Internet where identity can be easily hidden - compounds the fear of uncertainty. Buyer and seller, who may be separated by thousands of miles of geography and considerable amount of cultural and language barrier look for ways to reduce uncertainty and business risk
  • BazarA2z strives to close this trust gap by creating a safe, convenient and transparent environment so that a successful B2B transaction takes place.
  • It aims to initiate a successful transaction between buyer and seller, however small the order amount may be. The idea is to create better mutual trust and open door for more transactions in future
  • Buyer and seller meeting for the first time at BazarA2z - are free to conduct subsequent transactions directly without BazarA2z acting as safeguard - though we shall be delighted to be of help in as many transactions as you like
  • We expect any participant seller to pick-up new buyers at shortest possible time and ensure commercial success for his/her concern in the web
Free Service
  • BazarA2z services are free - you need not pay any fee for registration, listing or promotion
  • You decide your product price, minimum order quantity, max. order amount and all such important issues
  • Paid members of receive premium service
Simple Process - Technology Makes Life Easy
  • BazarA2z is designed in such a way that buyer and seller can transact smoothly without any hindrance. Sellers find it simple and transparent to operate but powerful enough to address Pan-India marketplace. Besides, sellers enjoy other facilities like payment protection (no credit, payment is safe at BazarA2Z), logistics support, distribution channel set-up, free services etc. Buyers find it safe, transparent pricing, reliable delivery, easy and convenient ordering and payment etc.
How it Works
Basic Set-Up
  • To join BazarA2Z.Com - please click Merchant Link at top and click at New Merchant ? Join Free link at bottom of log-in window. Please fill-up the registration form with as much information as possible (you may change profile information any time). On completing registration process - the system will send a verification e-mail to your e-mail address. Open the Verification E-mail and click at given link to activate your membership. On successful activation, you will receive 'Welcome..' mail containing your user-id and password.
  • Registration is Free - takes only couple of minutes
  • If you are member of or - Registration is not necessary. Use your InfoBanc or Vanik user-id/password to log-in and they system will guide you to fill-up certain additional details required for merchants.
  • Your merchant application is sent to moderator for final check up, who approves it within 24 hours.
  • After successful registration - click at Merchant link at top and log-in using your user-id/password. Within Merchant panel - please create your categories and then add products.
Create Your On-Line Store
  • After basic set-up, create your on-line store
  • On-line store, in essence, is a ready-to-sell catalog of products
  • BazarA2z system automatically creates your on-line store based on product information supplied by you
  • All you need to do is to
    1. Create Your own categories, you will require these categories while adding products
    2. Decide minimum order quantity (lot)
    3. Set your selling price per lot. You may provide tax separately - the shopping cart will add all additional costs like tax, shipping etc. before payment.
    4. Make your selling lots as small as possible - buyers prefer to order small lots for first order.
    5. Provide weight in gms for each product added - fully packed.
    6. Shipping will be free for orders above a certain level. You need not add any shipping information except weight in gms of your product when fully packed. Please provide accurate weight per unit of the product (NOT per Lot, weight in gms of each unit of the product).
    7. If you set your lot size (i.e. Minimum Order Quantity) as 1 - you will be able to sell in Retail as well as Wholesale. Create a clear discount structure for retail and wholesale buyers. For example, you may decide to create 3 selling ranges - Lot 1 with discount Nil, Lot 2 - 5 with discount 10%, Lot 6 - 10 with discount 20% and Lot 11 - 20 with discount 30%. This is just an example - please use your own Lot and Discount Structure based on nature of product. Please feel free to contact Support Desk for any help.  
    8. Encourage buyers to order more by offering lower price for higher order quantity (differential pricing)
    9. Wholesale pricing system of BazarA2z makes the job of offering differential pricing extremely easy
    10. Add packaging information, availability, delivery time (i.e. time taken to ship the order) and a few more pieces of information
    11. Read Step--By-Step instructions for more information
    12. Paid members of InfoBanc may ask our support staff to create online store
  • That's All - BazarA2z System takes care of the rest
Receive Orders
  • BazarA2Z will run promotion campaigns, specially targeting retailers, dealers, distributors, B2C Portals etc. Our sister portal Vanik.Com will help us in this campaign. Vanik.Com is the largest portal dedicated to distribution channel opportunities. 
  • Buyer browses your products, add selected ones in shopping cart and places order.
  • If Buyer pays online - concerned Merchant will receive e-mail notification of paid order. The same information will be available in Merchant Panel. Merchants in such cases will have to deliver the product by shipping it within specified time. If merchant has accepted Logistics Partner of BazarA2Z (default option), merchant will have to hand over ordered products properly packed and with necessary invoice to Logistics Partner. If shipment is Merchant's responsibility, merchant will have to ship ordered products along with due invloice etc. through a national courier and feed shipment information including tracking number in Shipping section of Merchant panel.  
  • BazarA2Z being a wholesale market - buyer may not accept your selling price and may set his/her bargain price.
  • In case buyer opts for bargaining - the communication betwen buyer and seller continues till both agree on a mutually acceptable price and payment terms
  • On successful negotiation, buyer receives e-mail containing detail off-line payment instructions (as provided by merchant) and link for online payment
  • Once buyer pays - its for seller to execute shipment as per process stated above.
  • You receive order information through e-mail as well as messaging system of BazarA2z
Confirm Order
  • If buyer has accepted displayed price, ordered and paid online  – merchant’s confirmation is not necessary. In such cases, merchant has to deliver the products as per specified delivery period.  
  • In case buyer has not accepted displayed price and opted for bargaining, the order will go to merchant for acceptance of bargain price. Merchant may accept bargain price, reject the order or place counter price. If merchant has accepted bargain price, buyer will be informed with a link to pay online. If merchant places counter offer – the order will go back to buyer for acceptance and the process continues till buyer and merchant comes to a mutually acceptable price. If merchant rejects the order – buyer will be informed accordingly and the order status will be changed to Cancelled from Pending   
  • Log-in to Merchant Panel regularly and check order status
  • Review orders and reply to buyer's communication wherever required
  • Once you confirm an order and buyer pays - you must ship it within Delivery Period
  • As stated before, you are free to reject any order where buyer has not accepted displayed price and opted for bargain price.
  • You may even reject confirmed order where buyer has paid. However, rejection of such confirmed order conveys negative signal. Buyers may not like such rejection and may write critical review about you which, in turn, may affect your reputation as seller. Besides, you will have to pay a penalty to BazarA2Z apart from selling fee for rejection of confirmed order.
  • If you are unable to ship any product - please remove it from your store. If the product is temporarily unavailable – change its Availability status accordingly (e.g. Out of Stock)
Ship Ordered Products
  • BazarA2Z offers services of its Logistics Partner for shipping ordered products.
  • Our Logistics partner is one of the largest e-commerce fulfilment company, having shipped millions of e-commerce fulfilment packages. They have Pan-India network of service centres to cater to most parts of India.
  • Use of Logistics Partner frees merchants from the hassles of calculating shipping cost, as responsibility of delivering products and recovering shipping cost from buyer becomes BazarA2Z responsibility.
  • Your responsibility will be to hand over properly packed ordered products with necessary invoice to Logistics Partner within specified delivery period.
  • In case shipment is Merchant’s responsibility, properly packed products should be shipped though a national courier (DTDC, Blue Dart, Fedex, Speed Post)  within specified delivery period.
  • It will be Merchant’s responsibility to feed shipping information in Shipping section of Online Store in Merchant panel so that buyer can track the order.
  • Whether you are shipping through Logistics Partner or your courier - please make sure ordered products are shipped well within delivery period. Remember, buyer may refuse to accept ordered products if delivered late. Please refer to Buyer Protection Program for details. 
Order Rejection - Dispute Settlement
  • Buyer may reject your shipment in case he/she feels your product quality/quantity does not match with order quality/quantity or for any other valid reason
  • In such case, buyer may initiate a dispute and refuse to accept your shipment/return your product and demand refund.
  • You should try to avoid such scenario by being extra careful about quality, quantity, packaging and delivery time of your products
  • If Buyer rejects your order, you will be responsible for reverse logistics charges where rejected order is returned to concerned merchant. In such cases, merchant will have to replace the ordered item or pay refund. Please refer to Buyer Protection Program for details.
  • BazarA2z aims to initiate a successful transaction between buyer and seller, however small the order amount may be. The idea is to create better mutual trust and open door for more transactions in future
  • If your very first shipment runs into trouble - whole purpose of BazarA2z gets defeated
  • If such situation arises, you should communicate with buyer directly and do your best to settle the dispute amicably
  • BazarA2z will try its best to help you as well as concerned buyer to settle the dispute in a mutually beneficial way
  • However, the onus is on you and your buyer. BazarA2z can not do more than counselling
  • Buyer is free to write adverse review or rate you badly - all such communication from your customer will be available in public. BazarA2Z will not be responsible for such communications - you should do your best to get good rating from your buyer.
Creating Online Store
What is On-Line Store ?
  • On-line store - in essence - is a ready-to-sell catalog of products
  • A catalog merely displays product information. Buyers browse through catalog and send purchase related enquiry to concerned seller. Seller responds and a negotiation starts. Actual buy sell transaction occurs later in off-line mode
  • On-line store makes it possible for buyers to not only browse the catalog but also purchase selected products in real time.
  • An on-line store captures the whole process of buying in an end-to-end (e2e) transaction, where buyers can order products from online store and pay for it in real time.
  • Its obvious - online store is much more than a product catalog. For online store - seller not only creates product catalog but also furnish all information required for ordering the product - such as price, delivery time, delivery cost, packaging, refund policy etc.
  • Online store software takes care of order processing and on-line payment
  • On-line store makes the job of buying and selling fast and convenient - for both buyer and seller
Wholesale Online Store - Why its Different
  • Online stores are a great success for business to consumer (b2c) or consumer to consumer (c2c) sections - examples are - railway ticket booking, hotel reservation, e-bay type buying etc. Volume in such transactions is small - mostly single item purchase where a business sells to consumer or a consumer sells to another consumer
  • However, in a wholesale market transactions are volume based. Businesses sell to businesses in wholesale lots. Single item purchases are rare, if not altogether absent
  • Prices get lower with increasing volume. In other words, businesses use a differential pricing model in wholesale market where buyers enjoy lower prices when ordering more.
Wholesale Lot - Basic Pricing Block
  • The first step in creating wholesale store is to identify a minimum order quantity for each product. This is called 'wholesale lot' or simply 'lot'.
  • Buyers have to purchase at least one lot of a product
  • For example - traders sell t-shirts in set of 4 different sizes XXL, XX, XL and X in wholesale market. Buyers have to buy at least one set having 4 different sizes. The lot size in this case becomes 4 and its composition is 4 t-shirts with sizes XXL, XX, XL and X.
  • As merchant, you need to identify lot size and composition for each of your products
Differential Price - Lower Price for Higher Volume
  • The second step in creating wholesale store is to determine volume based price
  • You need to create price for each lot or a range of lots
  • For example - you may set a price when buyer orders for 1 - 5 lots and a lower price when buyer orders for 6 to 10 lots. This may go on for more ranges such as 11 - 15, 15 - 20, 21 - 50, 51 - 100 etc.
  • So, buyers are encouraged to order higher volume in wholesale market
Add a few more information - Your Wholesale On-Line Store is Ready !
  • You are almost through - just a few more pieces of information need to be added
  • BazarA2z makes your job simpler by presenting a form with all required items of information. Simply fill-up the form and your on-line wholesale store is ready !
  • Please ensure you have provided correct information on freight, availability, delivery period etc. You stand to lose in case wrong data has been fed into the system.
Selling in India or Abroad ?
Do I Sell in India or Abroad ?
  • BazarA2Z does not differentiate between Indian and Overseas markets
  • Its focus is to reach retailers, small businesses, boutique farms, small traders etc. - all those who are looking to buy in wholesale rate - from India or any overseas country 
  • However, selling process for overseas markets is slightly different. 
  • Presently, BazarA2Z offers full e-commerce service for Indian market only.
  • The Overseas section of BazarA2z generates leads at present - where overseas buyers are encouraged to send enquiries to BazarA2Z merchants.
  • Any merchant of BazarA2Z may opt for displaying products in overseas section also. Simply exercise the option to display your products in India, Overseas or Both and the system will manage product display accordingly.
  • BazarA2Z will offer full e-commerce service to overseas buyers in next phase of its development.
  • All transactions are in Indian Rupee only.
Seller Protection
Shipment Against Mutually Agreed Terms
  • If buyer accepts displayed price and pays online - there is no uncertanty
  • However, BazarA2Z offers a negotiation tool for bulk buyers where buyer may not accept seller's price and place a bargain price.
  • Merchants are under no obligation to accept bargain price. In case of bargain situation, merchant may reject the order, place counter price and start negotiation with buyer or accept bargain price.
  • We strongly advise you to agree on a mutually agreed terms and conditions with buyer before shipment.
  • You are free to accept or reject any order where buyer has not accepted your price.
  • However, once you have accepted an order, you are obliged to ship the products
What Happens If Buyer Does Not Pay
  • Such a situation never arises as merchants ship products only after buyer pays in advance to BazarA2Z.
  • Your payment remains secured with BazarA2Z
  • BazarA2Z pays you immediately after successful delivery of ordered products
What Happens if Buyer Rejects My Order
  • You should take good care to ensure such a situation never arises
  • However, in rare instance when your product gets rejected, get into direct communication with buyer and try your best to solve it amicably
  • In case you fail to settle the dispute, buyer is free to write adverse reviews or rate you poorly. Such reviews will be available in public and may adversely impact your future transactions.
How Do I Get Paid
  • You as merchant will get paid after successful delivery of ordered products.
  • BazarA2Z will pay your dues in a payment cycle after deducting its selling fee.
  • If you have used COD option - BazarA2Z will collect the payment from buyer and undertakes to pay you back in next payment cycle.
Payment Options
Multiple Payment Options
  • BazarA2z offers multiple payment options - both on-line as well as off-line
  • Buyers pay to Ace InfoBanc Pvt Ltd, parent company of BazarA2Z.Com
  • BazarA2Z pays merchants after successful delivery of ordered products.
  • On-Line Payment Options:
    1. Credit Card
    2. Debit Card
    3. NetBanking
    4. Cash card
  • Offline Payment Options:
    1. Fund Transfer though NEFT, RTGS
    2. Deposit cash/cheque in our HDFC or ICICI Bank account
    3. Send Cheque or Demand Draft to our office with order number
    4. We do not accept cash in our office
How to Pay in HDFC / ICICI Bank Account
ICICI Bank - Account Details :
  • Draw Cheque on Any Local Bank In Favour of : ACE INFOBANC PRIVATE LTD
  • Deposit the Cheque in Your Nearest Branch of ICICI Bank
  • Current A/c No : 007105004825
  • Branch : Green Park, New Delhi - 110016
  • RTGS / NEFT / IFSC Code : ICIC0000071
  • IMPORTANT : Please Inform us through E-Mail Order and Payment Details - Order No, Product Details, Cheque Number, Date, Amount, Bank Branch
HDFC Bank - Account Details :
  • Draw Cheque on Any Local Bank In Favour of : ACE INFOBANC PRIVATE LTD
  • Deposit the Cheque in Your Nearest Branch of HDFC Bank
  • Current A/c No : 00322020000742
  • Branch : Katwaria Sarai, New Delhi - 110016
  • RTGS / NEFT / IFSC Code : HDFC0002055
  • IMPORTANT : Please Inform us through E-Mail Order and Payment Details - Order No, Product Details, Cheque Number, Date, Amount, Bank Branch
How to Pay through NEFT / RTGS
NEFT / RTGS Payment
  • NEFT stands for National Electronic Funds Transfer, RTGS stands for Real Time Gross Settlement. These are popular payment options for transfer of funds from one bank account to another. RTGS is applicable for overseas fund transfer while NEFT is for domestic fund transfer.
  • You may initiate NEFT payment from your NetBanking account
  • In case of any doubt, please contact your bank for RTGS/NEFT payment instructions.
  • Use following information for submitting NEFT information.
  • Beneficiary: ACE INFOBANC PVT LTD
  • Bank: HDFC Bank
  • Branch: Katwaria Sarai, New Delhi - 110016
  • RTGS / NEFT / IFSC Code : HDFC0002055
  • IMPORTANT Please Inform us through E-Mail Order and Payment Details - Order No, Product Details, NEFT Ref Number, Date, Amount, Bank
Safe Online Payment
Online Payment
  • We accept all major credit cards - VISA, Master Card, American Express etc. - issued by any Indian or Overseas bank.
  • We also accept Debit Card, NetBanking, Cash cards
  • Our server does not receive sensitive payment information such as debit/credit card details, NetBanking detail etc. Online payment processing takes place at secure server of Payment Gateway Service.
  • Our payment gateway service partner is the largest payment gateway service in India, accepting thousands of online payments everyday.
Delivery Options
Multiple Delivery Options For Merchants
  • BazarA2Z provides logistics support to Merchants through its Logistics Partner
  • Logistics Partner takes responsibility of collecting ordered products from merchant and delivering it to buyer within specified time.
  • Merchants using Logistics Partner option need not provide shipping charge for each product in his/her store. The system automatically calculates shipping charge and collects it from buyer. 
  • Logistics Partner alos provides COD and reverse logistics facilities
  • Our Logistics partner is among the largest players in Indian fulfilment sector having Pan-India network of offices and warehouses. They are delivering thousands of packages every day.
  • In special cases, Merchant may offer its own delivery service. Such merchants have to include shipping charge in product price.
  • Merchants opting to use their own delivery service must get their shipping service approved by BazarA2Z. Their shipping partner must be a well known national level courier delivery service having online tracking facility.
Online Tracking for all shipments
  • Our Logistics Partner provides online tracking facility
  • In case Merchant uses its own delivery service - it must offer online tracking facility.
  • Buyers and merchants may track progress of shipment online
Shipment Cost
Calculation of Shipment Cost
  • Shipping cost may vary significantly depending upon
    1. Weight / dimension of package
    2. Destination address
    3. Preference of shipping carrier (Fedex, DHL, UPS or EMS) in case Merchant is using its own shipping partner
  • For Merchants using BazarA2Z Logistics Partner - shipping cost will be calculated on the basis of standard rates offered by our Logistics Partner.
  • While ordering, the system will calculate shipping cost and inform buyer final price with  break-ups, i.e. product price + tax + shipping cost + COD (if any)
  • Shipping is free for all orders above a given limit (presently Rs. 1500/)
  • In case Merchant is using its own delivery service - shipping cost must be included in product price.
Shipment Tracking
How To Track Shipment
  • Please log-in to your control panel and visit Shipping section. You will be able to track all your orders from this section.
  • For Buyers, please click at Sign In link at top to log-in to Buyer Control Panel. 
  • For Merchants, please click at Merchant link at top to log-in to Merchant Control Panel
  • For merchants offering their own shipping service - AWB number of every shipped product must be entered immediately on handing over package to courier delivery service
  • Merchants offering own shipment service will be responsible for safe delivery of ordered products within specified time. Failure of courier service to deliver product will result in transaction failure and subsequent refund to buyer. BazarA2Z will not be responsible for any financial or otherwise loss for Merchants.
Receive / Approve / FeedBack
Receive Product / Write Review / Help Others with Your Feedback
  • We strongly advise every buyer to write a review on every product ordered through BazarA2Z.
  • Your review/rating will go a long way in helping others
  • If you are not satisfied with product quality or any other issue - Please contact concerned merchant and open a dialog with him/her
  • Buyer may refuse to accept ordered product if its delivered late or is significantly different from ordered specifications. In such cases, buyer may ask for replacement or refund. Please refer to Buyer Protection Program for details.
  • Buyer is free to contact merchant. If dialog with merchant does not resolve the issue - please 'dispute' the order and write a review/rate seller accordingly
  • If you are happy - please write favourable review and rate seller accordingly. It will help merchant significantly
Dispute Process
How a Dispute Starts
  • Dispute arises when buyer is not satisfied and wishes to reject a shipped product
  • Most of the time - dispute originates from misunderstanding or communication gap
  • It usually happens because of following reasons
    1. Product shipped by merchant does not reach buyer or is delayed beyond a reasonable period of time
    2. The delivered product significantly differs from what was ordered
  • Buyer may refuse to accept ordered product and ask for replacement/refund.
  • Both Merchant and Buyer are bound by Buyer Protection Program where merchant has to replace ordered product at his/her cost in case delivered product lacks required quality or for any valid reason.
  • While returning ordered product, buyer must ensure returned product is un-used and packed in original packing.
  • Certain products are not eligible for return. Please check Buyer Protection Program as well as Warranty Policy of concerned product.
  • Buyer may initiate a dispute process.
  •  Buyer is free to write a review and/or rate the seller accordingly. Please provide ample reason for rejection/adverse remark
  • Your feedback will help future buyers and also help concerned merchant to identify his/her shortcomings and to take corrective measures
Dispute Resolution Process
  • Dis-satisfied buyer may initiate a dispute by sending mail to within 3 days of receiving ordered products. We call this dispute mail.
  • The buyer must provide specific reason for rejection for every disputed item. Buyer also has to substantiate his/her claim with photograph - to be attached in disputed mail.
  • BazarA2Z does not accept rejection/refund claim from buyers in any other form such as WhatsApp, Contact Us form etc. Buyer must mail us at given mail adress with photographic proof of his/her claim
  • Reason for rejection should be specific - not broad, wild accusation or based on personal liking
  • Few example of unaccepted reasons - I do not like the design, product is below par, cheap product etc.
  • Few examples of acceptable reject reasons - I ordered catalog no xyz but seller supplied catalog abc ; On opening the packet, I found the product is broken/damaged ; ordered product should have specification XZ, but supplied product gives value less than XZ etc.
  • BazarA2z will do its best to mediate and bring a mutually agreeable solution
  • BazarA2Z may blacklist a seller or block a buyer from transacting at BazarA2Z at its own discretion. No representation/communication for reversing such action will be entertained.
  • BazarA2z values relationship with buyer as well as seller and will do its best to resolve a dispute. However, its collective responsibility of buyer and seller to resolve all disputes amicably. BazarA2Z can only counsel. If required, BazarA2Z may investigate based on information/ evidence provided by buyer and seller and take necessary remedial measure including terminating/blacklisting accused party.
Role of BazarA2Z
BazarA2z Role in Dispute Resolution Process
  • BazarA2z strives to provide a smooth friendly and hassle free trading environment that helps buyer and seller to close trust-gap and develop long-term business relationship
  • If any dispute occurs, BazarA2z will do its best to resolve it in a way that is acceptable to both buyer and seller as well as conforming to Buyer Protection Program.
  • In order to make dispute resolution process as transparent as possible, we have documented our policy towards buyers and sellers in FAQ, Merchant Agreement, Terms and Conditions and other sections. All dispute resolution will be subject to such documented policy. Buyers and Merchants are advised to read our policy.
  • BazarA2z will act as an impartial judge and try its best to resolve all problems as amicably as possible
Protection Against Frauds
  • BazarA2z reserves the right to suspend, terminate membership or take any other appropriate action against any member suspected of indulging in fraudulent activities
  • If suspicious activity is reported - BazarA2z will investigate and depending upon situation may warn, suspend, or take actions that it deems fit against any member violating BazarA2z policies