How BazarA2Z works

BazarA2Z is the culmination of our 15-year long work in online B2B domain - particlarly SME sector. Its a disruptive technology helping SMEs build distribution channel across Indian using online route. BazarA2Z draws its strength from 2 popular portals from its parent company Ace InfoBanc Pvt Ltd - - a pioneer of b2b portals in India and, the largest portal on agency,distribution opportunities.

While with its very large base of registered SMEs helps in recruiting manufacturers, importers and producers as b2b e-commerce merchants -, with its very large database of wholesalers, distributors, dealers, retailers supplies b2b buyers. Together - these portals create a thriving marketplace for business buyers from India and overseas countries to source industrial, food, FMCG, Engineering and Agro products from Indian SMEs.

How Bazar A2Z works

Our aim is to create a thriving online marketplace that helps Indian SMEs to sell their products in India and abroad through distribution channels formed at BazarA2Z. Through BazarA2Z, Indian SMEs receive regular bulk orders from Indian and Overseas buyers.

We have ceated various forums like RFQ (Request for Quotation), wholesale e-commerce stores, lead generation, online promotion, directory service etc. to create a thriving online marketplace.

All services at BazarA2Z are free - Indian SMEs are free to register here and join various forums for market expansion. Our suport staff are always ready to help anyone with hands on help and guidance. We only charge a small marketing fee on successful transactions. You pay us only on result - never pay for hosting, listing, promotion, marketing etc.

what's more, we offer an environment where you focus on what you do best - your products. We take care of all related activities such as attracting buyers, getting orders, shipment of ordered products, payment collection, promotion etc.

BazarA2Z uses technology to build domestic and global distribution channels. Every merchant at BazarA2Z gets a back-end panel to manage his/her inventory. This information is used for creating a mobile app that can connect the merchant with his sellers. The merchant gets the mobile app automatically - he/she need not spend any effort. The system creates it from information available at back-end panel.

Business buyer (be it retailer, dealer, distributor) orders products from BazarA2Z. While placing order - he/she provides some information for registration. This information is used to create a back-end control panel (as is the case with every e-commerce portal) for concerned buyer who can manage and track orders from the panel. Along with the control panel, the system also creates a mobile app for the buyer and connects its with app of concerned merchant.

The buyer and seller henceforth can communicate through the app and perform various tasks such as ordering, payment (through e-wallet), delivery tracking etc. Besides, the app creates a dedicated private channel for two-way communication between buyer and seller for all future interactions. Buyers may use this channel to negotiate with seller, send alerts on new product, prices etc.

The seller may use the app for ordering, delivery tracking, bargaining, payment etc. - saving considerable cost and time.

As the process iterates with more sellers placing orders on concerned merchant - a distribution channel between concerned merchant and his/her buyers takes shape through bazara2z mobile app and back-end control panel. Such distribution channel is far superior in value compared to traditional distribution channel as its free of geographic distance, offers instant messaging, global in nature and above all - free.