Changing The Way Small Business Sells

Selling across India is now within your reach! Expand your sales network to all 35 states/UTs, even to overseas markets through network of agents, distributors, dealers. We show you how you can establish such a network in step by step way:

  • Even after discovering potential partner - there is still the challenge of overcoming trust deficit. Given the anonymous nature of Internet, businesses are usually reluctant to transact money with strangers.
  • To overcome this challenge - we have set-up - India's first wholesale B2B e-commerce marketplace, where we stand as guarantor to ensure businesses safety.
  • works as wholesale bazaar in online space, having all characteristics of offline trade such as selling in lots, automatic discounting, bargaining, negotiation etc.
  • Buyer and Seller transact freely at secured marketplace of BazarA2Z  - buyer is safe as his/her money remains safe with us till successful delivery while seller is safe as we take responsibility for collecting payment.

  • In traditional wholesale markets, sellers extends credit to buyers. This is a problem for seller as he/she has to provide such credit from his/her book, apart from paying for collection. We have resolved this issue by arranging loans for anyone having consistent record of buying or selling in BazarA2Z.
  • Please Note:  buyer and seller - both are eligible for loans. Our partner, new age financial company provides hassle free, unsecured loans to small businesses through algorithm based online process. Only couple of documents need to be uploaded for sanction. Loans are sanctioned within 4 hours and disbursed within 72 hours.  More Information

  • Shipping is free at BazarA2Z for all orders above Rs. 1500. shipping cost is included in our service fee. This ensures any product is available at same price throughout India - creating a level playing field for all manufacturers/importers apart from freeing them from hassles of shipping, customer service etc.
  • offer a variety of payment methods -  credit card, debit card, Netbanking, NEFT, RTGS, Deposit Cheque/Cash etc. We also offer COD, so Buyers feel at home while transacting at BazarA2Z. What's more, as all payments are in advance, sellers are assured of payment.
  • To help you sell in overseas countries – our strategic partner, pioneer in online B2B services since 1997 is there. receives large number of inquiries from overseas and Indian buyers’ every day. Please visit Buyers Section where over 150,000 buyers have posted their requirements. BazarA2Z has an overseas section for export transactions - you can display your products in this section for overseas customers.
  • There is a huge demand for dealership / distribution rights from all over India - we know, because our strategic portal receive such inquiries every-day. Please visit  for thousands of such inquiries that have been received and posted after verification.
  • - is India's largest portal on agency / distribution / dealership opportunities. Thousands of agents/dealers/distributors visit everyday, searching for suitable products to represent.
  •  helps you locate potential dealers / distributors in target markets using its resources.  It promote your products, advertises, run mailers and make sure you receive enough responses from target markets. Imagine how much money you had to pay in case the same were to be done through newspaper advertisements?