Business Success Through Disruptive Technology - Case Studies

  • Core of our work revolves around creating distribution channels for our customers through online media - connecting manufacturers/importers with entrepreneurs engaged in retail/distribution business across India.
  • The distribution channels, so created, enable Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to reach outside their geographic regions and sell across India. It also empowers retaliers, traders, dealers, distributors to source quality products at competitive price from pan-Indian market.
  • Traditional multilayer distribution channel in India has inefficiencies and vested interests that do not allow free and fair passage of products from manufacturers to consumers across the country. The products that get so obstructed may otherwise be far superior in quality and price compared to others. The twin effects of restrictive entry and heavy distribution cost deters new entrepreneurs from reaching larger markets - harming the interests of both manufacturers and consumers.
  • We are proud to list below case studies that show how new age entrepreneurs are successfully using our disruptive technology to set up distribution channels through online media - sidestepping traditional distribution channels.

  • Ruchi Biscuit Industries
    Ruchi Biscuit Industries is an upcoming biscuit manufacturing company from Balanagar in Telangana. While setting up his manufacturing plant, Mr. Altaf Ahmed, its CEO, had ambitious plans of selling across India and introduced many innovative products such as strawberry cookies, jeera cookies, orange cookies, coconut cookies etc. - catering to various taste buds across Indian market. However, like many SMEs, he was constrained by traditional distribution channels that impose high distribution cost on newcomers and even restricts competition.
    Being a smart, new age entrepreneur - Mr. Ahmed turned to online medium and subscribed to our distribution services. Hear what he has to say:

    We joined your portal in Jan 2015 this year. We are a biscuit manufacturing industry at Balanagar in Telangana. Till date we have received 50-60 agents/distributors/dealers's contact details through you. 75 - 80% of these inquiries are serious and genuine inquiries. We have successfully recruited 2 distributors in Kerela state through contacts provided by team Infobanc. in future we can expect 50 to 60% business growth from agents/distributors recruited through your portals. I am very satisfied with the response because after spending a small amount I got unbelievable response which I didn't got from other portal's after spending a lot of money and I am recommending so many friends of mine to use infobanc services. These services are highly recommendable for those manufactures out there who want to set up their distribution channels all over India.

    Thank you all

    Best regards:
    Altaf Ahmed
    Ruchi Biscuit Industries
    Telangana .

    Frank Medilink
    FRANK MEDILINK is an integrated franchise (PCD) pharmaceutical organization of repute having its corporate head quarters at Ahmedabad (Gujarat) ‐ The pharmaceutical hub of India. An ISO 9001:2008 certified pharmaceutical company ‐ its CEO Mr. Nilesh Sarawagi had an eye for India-wide operation right from day one and built an impressive array of quality healthcare products.
    However, like other SMEs in India, Frank Medilink had to face the challenge of building nation-wide distribution channels. The challenge is particluarly stiff in pharma business where open advertisement and promotion is not allowed. Pharma companies have no alternative but to develop their own marketing and distribution networks without recourse to newspaper / TV advertisement.

    Mr. Sarawagi took the help of Ace InfoBanc Pvt Ltd and in no time received dramatic result. Today, he receives an astonishing 5 to 10 enquiries EVERY DAY and appoints, on an average, 2 ‐ 3 distributors per month. He has been able to penetrate almost all regions of India and hope to grow his business 500% using services of Ace InfoBanc Pvt Ltd.

    Mr. Nilesh Sarawagi
    Frank Medilink
    Sarkhej - Ahmedabad

    Access Computer Services
    Tabrej Faruqui is an young computer service professional in Delhi, serving diverse clientele ‐ from large companies to individuals - in NCR Delhi. He helps customers in hardware troubleshooting, assembling computers, setting up servers, network etc. He sources computer components and consumables from Nehru Place market, New Delhi ‐ probably the largest computer market in India.

    Mr. Faruqui has an entrepreneurial ambition of setting up computer parts supply business. Leveraging his knowledge of computer parts business and long experience of assembling and servicing computers ‐ he can correctly guide customers to right products in ever changing IT field. He found BazarA2Z an ideal for his ambition as he wanted to sell products in bulk.

    He joined BazarA2Z as merchant and quickly found excellent demand for his products in remote areas, specially North East. Owing to low wholesale rates that he could offer ‐ retailers from Assam, Rajasthan, Hyderabad, Madhya Pradesh etc. started doing business with him. Today, Mr Faruqui has a downstream distribution channel that helps him get regular orders. Moreover, the strength of his downstream distribution channel has helped him get part of a foothold in Nehru Place market ‐ his long standing dream.

    He is now thinking of importing and distributing selected fast moving products.

    BazarA2Z gave wings to Mr. Faruqui's entrepreneurial dreams ‐ another instance of extreme happiness for us.

    Tabrej Faruqui
    Access Computer Services
    Nehru Place Market
    New Delhi.

    Shanti Pharma
    Shanti Pharma belongs to a group of ethical business family known as Aslaji khemchandji. The group has rich history of over 90 years, involved into various businesses. Shanti Pharma is their latest venture started in year 2007 by Mr. Harshal Oswal. A qualified pharma graduate, Mr. Oswal had a vision of building strong pharma network across the country. He took the services of Ace Infobanc Pvt Ltd and started receiving qualified business leads. Shanti Pharma has been able to recruit 4 franchise so far using Ace Infobanc services and hopes to grow their business many times more by building nation-wide distribution network.

    Nikita Oswal
    Shanti Pharma
    Franchisee Manager
    Pune, Maharashtra.

    Estrellas Life Sciences Pvt Ltd
    Estrellas Life Sciences Pvt Ltd is an ISO-9001:2008 certified pharmaceutical manufacturing company, well known exporter of high quality pharma products. While turning its gaze from overseas to domestic market, Estrellas identified fast growing market of Andhra Pradesh for expansion. Based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat - Estrellas found the task of setting up distribution channels in remote Andhra Pradesh very difficult through traditional channels like advertisement in local newspapers.
    When geographical distance, language barrier and cultural difference were getting almost insurmountable, it discovered services of Ace InfoBanc and its portals -, and It subscribed to Infobanc services and till date received offers from over 150 agents/distributors/ dealers from Andhra Pradesh alone. Estrellas has successfully recruited 20 agents/distributors in Andhra Pradesh from contact provided by Infobanc. Mr. Jay Dave, its CEO is hopeful of significant business growth through growing distribution channels in coming days.

    Mr. Jay Dave
    Estrellas Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd

    Neesh Perfumes
    Neesh Perfumes is a fast growing manufacturer of perfumes, attar, fragrances etc, in Ambala Cantt, Haryana. Mr. Rishi Verma, its Director, wants to spread Neesh brand across India through a network of distributors/dealers. Their special emphasis is on south India market. Mr. Verma approached Ace InfoBanc and displayed his products at and Within days, Neesh received over 120 inquiries from potential dealers/distributors, interested in his products. These are early days - Neesh is negotiating with potential contacts and hope to recruit sizable number of distributors/dealers within a short period.

    Rishi Verma
    Director of
    Neesh Impex pvt ltd
    Ambala Cantt