why bazara2z for buyers

More Options :
BazarA2Z opens up domestic market for channel partners - letting them pick brands/manufacturers of their choice from national market. Confined to local market so far - channel partners can now select brands of their choice from anywhere in India - based on margin, terms and conditions, pricing etc.

Wholesale Trading:
BazarA2Z offers lot-based trading and dynamic pricing - just like wholesale bazaar. Sellers decide on a minimum order quantity called lot. Orders can be placed in the multiples of lots. Secondly, pricing is dynamic - price falls with increase in order volume. A basic wholesale concept - a buyer who can sell fast or has the ability to stock more - gets rewarded with higher margin. This and several other wholesale bazaar features fundamentally differentiate BazarA2Z from B2C E-Commerce marketplaces.

Negotiation Options:
No business-to-business deal happens without negotiation. This is another major difference with Business-To-Consumer (B2C) marketplaces. BazarA2Z facilitates easy negotiation between seller and buyer for discovering mutually accepted price, terms and conditions, credit policy (if any) etc. Bazar A2Z offers chat/DM etc. for easy negotiation and relationship building.

Hassle Free Loans:
BazarA2Z has partnership with new-age fintec companies who offer hassle free loans. Our partnership and personal efforts allow our regular users to pay later for ordered items (i.e. credit) by registering themselves in approved fintec platform. This facility is still evolving, not available at present.

Safe Payments:
BazarA2Z is integrated with national payment gateways. All payments at BazarA2Z are processed at safe and secure server of bank or payment gateway - we do not accept any credit card /debit card or such sensitive information at our server. The payments remain with us till seller delivers the product and you receive ordered items in good condition. In case, seller fails to deliver - we return your money.

Why bazara2z for sellers

Sell in Wholesale
Create your wholesale store in few simple steps - our customer support is always ready to help you. Add products, manage prices and sit back to receive orders. BazarA2Z helps you to sell in bulk.

Build Distribution Channels
Use BazarA2Z wholesale platform to discover potential channel partners across India. Transact wholesale deals with them, get into business relationship. Use the relationship to build long term, mutually beneficial distribution contract. Till date, you had limited options - either invest in India-wide sales network or depend upon traditional distribution channels. Both options demand considerable expense, shooting up distribution cost significantly. Your product loses competitive pricing advantage and worse, cannot even enter a target region as concerned intermediaries may refuse to accept your product.

BazarA2Z Removes Uncertinty, Insecurity
The very first business deal is always uncertain - there's insecurity in the minds of both buyer and seller. This is more so when buyer and seller are previously unknown to each other, may be located hundreds of miles apart. BazarA2Z stands as a 3rd party, trusted by both, to execute a transaction. Buyer knows his/her money is secure, in the custody of BazarA2Z. Seller knows this is a wonderful opportunity to cement relationship with a potential channel partner. A win-win situation for both

Free Service
BazarA2Z services are free at present - sellers get a b2b wholesale store for free. Money is collected by BazarA2Z in advance - so, no worry about credit.