why bazara2z for buyers

More options to buy from:
BazarA2Z frees retailers/small traders from captive market of local distributors, empowering them to buy from national marketplace at price, quality and brand of his/her own choice. And, delivers it to your doorstep.

Wholesale Pricing:
BazarA2Z offers automated increase in margins on increasing the quantity of products bought. It is a basic wholesale concept. If the buyer can afford fast selling of the products or is willing to stock the products, he gets more margins.

Negotiation Options:
It is necessary in a B2B transaction that the buyer and seller negotiate on proper terms regarding quantity, information or price. Bazar A2Z lets the users chat on proper terms before placing an order.

Hassle Free Loans:
Our partnership and personal efforts allow our regular users to get loans by submitting a form and some documents. You can read more about this here.

Safe Payments:
BazarA2Z uses A class payment gateways to process your payments while you pay to us and keeps it safe until you are satisfied with the products you purchased. We also provide COD payments up to some amount.

Easy Returns:
The returning process is as smooth as the buying process. You can read more about it here.

Why bazara2z for sellers

Sell in Wholesale
Create your wholesale store in few simple steps - our customer support is always ready to help in case you need any help - add products, manage prices and sit back to receive orders. BazarA2Z helps you to sell in bulk.

Set Distribution Channels
Till date, you had limited options - either invest in India-wide sales network or depend upon traditional distribution channels. Both options demand considerable expense, shooting up distribution cost significantly. Your product loses competitive pricing advantage and worse, cannot even enter a target region as concerned intermediaries may refuse to accept your product.

From Sales to Customer Support, we do it all
Complete support in logistics/delivery, assured payment (as BazarA2Z collects payment from buyers in advance), customer service to buyers, etc.

Minimum payment
What's even better - You need not pay any money for this wonderful service. All you need to pay is a minor marketing fee only on successful sales.